De-stress During Stressful Times

Useful De-stressing Tips for Families
Posted on 03/26/2020
Useful Tips

From: Good Samaritan Center With so much happening over the past few weeks, lots of students and families are feeling uncertain and stressed out. Events are being canceled, spring break plans are being postponed. We are now dealing with school closures with a mandatory 3 weeks off. During this difficult time, we hope you'll find time to take care of yourself and children. Here are a few ideas for how to practice self-care for the entire family—with the help of technology, and sometimes without it.


Manage your stress. Children will surely pick up on any anxiety that parents/guardians have.  It’s very important to educate yourself with valid information about what is happening so you can manage your own feelings first.  Take deep breaths, go for a walk/run, read a book, and do what you need to do to bring your own stress levels down. Here are a few things for the whole family:

  •  Meditate - Here are a few apps that can help you practice deep breathing, positive self-talk, hopefully regulate your mood and focus on what you are grateful for. APPS

    • Find a place to meditate: Use a space that you have a personal connection to, making it easier to get into a meditative state more quickly. Surround your meditation spot with things that relax you like calming music, fresh scents, or any objects you can use to focus your practice.

Maintain healthy habits/routines and Stay active.  Aside from daily routine such as washing hands and covering coughs, use this time as an opportunity to discuss health in general.  When you’re stuck inside you’ll need to be creative to be active.  

  • Physical Health - Do something physical with your child that they really enjoy.  Physical activity has many benefits for teen mental health. Allow them to put on their favorite song and teach you some new dance moves.  Make this time enjoyable for all.   

  • Apps for Physical ActivityGoNoodle Kids, Cosmic Kids Yoga

Ramp up the distractions.  If you're feeling overwhelmed and worked up, the best medicine is a night on the couch with family and lots of laughter. Also, turn off the news to prevent further panic, silence your phone notifications, and get your children to do the same. These activities will force everyone to forget their worries for a while.  Check out some of the fun we recommend:

  • Spontaneous Fun - One of the best ways to generate fun with kids is spontaneity.  This is a great time to surprise them with a family movie night for old movies. Show them the movies you enjoyed at their age.

  • Game Night - Pull out a board game or shuffle a deck of cards.  Use imagination and make up a game as a family. This is a great opportunity for bonding and positive family interactions.

Please use the following resources in the event that you need additional assistance or emergency support. Copy of How to De-stress during stressful times.docx

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