Students and the Public Library

Please read the following updates as we return to school and using the public library.
Posted on 03/05/2021
Please read the following updates as we return to school and using the public library.



It truly is impossible for me to imagine the challenges and planning/logistical gymnastics you’ve been experiencing as you plan to welcome students back to the APS buildings. You have my sympathy and my support – not a job that I envy in any way.


At the Library, we are happy to know that we, again, will be seeing students after school in our city branches! It’s another step towards overcoming the pandemic.


I’m emailing so that you are aware of our approach to welcoming back the long-absent after school crowd:


·         A letter will be going to each APS principal with the following points:

    • Masks are required at all times. Masks must be worn properly, fitting snugly over both the nose and mouth.
    • Our mask requirements apply to all patrons, age 2 and over. Those with medical exemptions for mask-wearing may avail themselves of outside pick-up and the many and varied digital resources we offer.
    • Six-foot physical distancing is also required. 
    • All furniture, now arranged to facilitate distancing, must be kept in place.
    • One-way direction in aisles must be observed.
    • Unwanted Library materials should be placed on Ready to Quarantine carts.
  • We have no good way of determining or identifying which students are in the same class or “pod” so we won’t be able to make allowances for students being closer than six feet.
  • We have a limited number of computer stations available because of social distancing protocols.
  • We will be monitoring building capacity so that we do not exceed the thresholds we’ve set for each building. If it’s necessary to limit the amount of time library customers (of all ages) are permitted to be in the building due to capacity concerns, we will do that.


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